Phyllis Theroux said: “I think this is what hooks one on gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at the creation.”

My very most favorite seed catalog is Veseys Seeds.  They are for cold climate areas and the business is located in Canada.

The website is:

Check out the following vegetables:

Corn (Obession, Peaches and Cream, Montauk, Fleet, Luscious [most favorite], Bon Appetit and Quickie)
Cucumbers (Calypso)
Carrots (Napoli)
Beets (Rodina)
Tomatoes (Applause and Roma–both are beefsteak variety)
Zucchini (Richgreen)
Green Beans (Provider)
Peas (Green Arrow, Knight, Lincoln)
Sugar Snap Peas (Super Sugar Snap — get fat and yummy)

I have tried a different variety of corn every year and I have listed some of my favorites. Next to the vegetable, I have listed the variety that I love.

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